What most brides don’t realise

November 19, 2020

“The last thing I want is pictures of is me with my dressing gown looking a mess in the morning. “

Here’s the thing…

Bridal prep pictures are taken when your hair and make up is finished and you look your best. Here are my top tips that are so important for perfect getting ready photos.

Get hair and make up done early

Make up artists can sometimes take up to an hour per face – Save yourself from stress now by making sure you have an early schedule. Two hours before you are due to leave is not enough time for hair, make up and pictures. Speak with your make-up artist before hand and ask them how long they need, then add some extra time on top. All getting ready photos are taken AFTER the makeup is done, if you want to make the most out of dressing gowns and popping bubbly give yourself at least half an hour for pictures and spending some quality time with your girls/ family rather than feeling rushed.

This is the perfect time in the day you get to capture you with your mum, sister & best friends. The day goes by so quickly and my brides love to look back on those quiet moments you get to spend getting ready with your closest girls.

Consider booking a hotel room

Booking a hotel room can give you more space and better photo opportunities. Pick a room with lots of windows for best results. To get the most epic shots you need lots of natural light. What colour are the walls? White bounces beautiful natural light and brown walls won’t be as flattering. Some venues have great prep rooms so it is always a good idea to ask!

STAY TIDY/ Have a designated tidier

Try get your girls to clean as you go or alternatively if they have a hotel room put most of the overnight stuff in their room. Having a clean space and no clutter in the background for photos is a MUST.

Get your dress out before I arrive

While you’re getting ready I can get some shots of the dress before you put it on. Chances are it will get ruined by the end of the day so it’s a good idea to hang it up for some photos!

Bridal dressing gowns

You can get personalised dressing gowns or pjs for you and your bridesmaids. Make sure yours differs to your bridesmaids, this makes a great getting ready photo!

Champagne Glasses

Champagne or Prosecco to share with your girls makes a great prop, get sparkling elderflower for the non drinkers. Keep a bottle spare for a champagne shot!

Get your family/bridesmaids thank you cards or a gift

It’s a great way to start the morning and it makes great photos!

Get into your dress early!

I want to avoid you feeling rushed and flustered on your day. To cherish every moment of the day you want to be early so you can relax and take it all in.

Have your accessories and stationary ready for photos

Perfume, shoes, rings and anything else that you want pictures of. They are nice little memories that in years to come will be very special!

Lastly don’t forget to bring a speaker to blast those tunes while you’re getting ready!

I hope this help this helps you on your big day! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comment below if you have any tips that helped you on your day!



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