Planning an unplugged Wedding

December 2, 2020

An unplugged wedding is when you ask your guests to have no phones, cameras or digital distractions during your ceremony. We have all seen ruined wedding pictures where all of the wedding guests are holding up phones, cameras and even iPads. You can politely ask your guests to put their phones and cameras away using a sign outside of the ceremony entrance or by asking your celebrant to announce a no phone rule.


One phone is better than fifty phones. I understand you might want to stream your wedding live or even get short clips of it for Instagram.
Designate ONE person to use a phone during your ceremony. Do not pick someone who will be standing in the front row or somebody in your bridal party.

Let me know who they are and I can help position them so they get a great shot of you and will also not ruin your professional photos you have asked me to do.

I know lots of suppliers that can make beautiful signs for outside of your ceremony so if you get stuck send me a message and I can give you their details.



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